Black Currant is out exploring, look for their next show in December 2021


A limited run of CDs with original artwork by Kelly Martin are available now, at live performances and through email request:

Be gentle, be kind. Offering a signature blend of flowers in tincture form with this EP release, available at live performances. Bottles include a download code of EP. Available at live performances and email request:

The Be-gentle-be-kind blend ingredients: Wild harvested St. John’s Wort and Elderflower, Rose, Holy Basil, and Milky Oats

Single plant bottles available: wild harvested Yarrow, Ashwaganda, Blue Vervaine, Lemon Balm.

The band is proud to announce its debut release, Split. The EP will be available on all major online platforms on October 22nd. We will also be making a limited edition of CDs and herbal tinctures, available at performances and through our mailing list until supplies last.

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Bite into the fruit. Sharp, sweet, intense, unexpected. Embrace and celebrate the dark moment we are in. Get swept up, get swept under. Dreams, surreal stories, oscillations and pulsations. Bright, angular guitar mirrors creamy, rich, vocals that are both comforting and haunting. Pulsing rhythms that make you move and pull you toward new states of being. Let’s explore the hidden depths together.